About Fortu


Situated in Docklands, a beautiful waterfront precinct in the central Melbourne, Fortu is a local Australian property service firm providing optimal properties to our clients who look to call this city home or seek for high performing investment properties.

Fortu is focused on assisting our clients to purchase quality properties and rental property management. Based on our experience and expertise in the local property market, our relationships with the major developers, and quality customer service, we understand your unique needs and help you find your ideal properties. Whether you are looking for an ideal home, or investing in the property market, Fortu will bring you satisfactory results.


At Fortu, we encourage innovation, activeness and healthy lifestyle. Our staff enjoy our open-minded and delightful work environment, and are always passionate in assisting our clients. 
Why Fortu?

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Address: 1221/421 Docklands Drive,Docklands VIC 3008
Email: info@fortu.com.au
Hotline: +61 3 8589 3579
Wechat: fortu_property